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Russian high-speed train Sapsan

Действует с 14.10.2016

The convenience of the Sapsan train service already rivals travelling by air. With the Sapsan, passengers in St. Petersburg only need to catch the train at the centrally located Moskovsky Station in the morning, and by noon, they are at Leningradskaya Station in the heart of Moscow. It means no tedious airport customs procedures, no traffic jams on the way to and from the airport, and significantly less stress.
This is a far cry from the journey from Moscow to St. Petersburg that travelers had to endure before first Sapsan train tickets went of sale. The ride on board this modern high-speed train is as smooth as any modern train or urban commuter rail experience seen anywhere in the world.
Beside speed, the Sapsan train caters to the requirements of the modern luxury and business traveler. Whereas comfortable seats are reserved for business and first class on an airplane, the Sapsans first and second class seats both provide passengers with the same experience.


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